We adopt a 'cook-to-order' approach to achieve the following objectives: 1. To ensure freshness of ingredients used to fulfill our orders. 2. To prevent/reduce food wastage as much as we can. Ingredients are bought according to our confirmed orders and not to stock up waiting for orders. With this, we can ensure the freshness of the item delivered and at the same time do not throw away stale food due to over stock. Therefore, we will need 2-3 days (depending on item per se) to prepare our orders.

Stir Fry Yam Abacus (200g/box)

stir fry yam abacus - take this as a meal or a side dish, comes with minced pork, mushrooms, beancurd, dried shrimp, black fungus, coriander...yamz yamz..200g per box for 1 pax.

Stir Fry Yam Abacus Party Box (1kg/box)

stir fry yam abacus for any occasion...1kg party box for 3-5 pax..take it as a side or main dish as you like it! Tasty abacus seeds that are soft, chewy coupled with dried shrimp, pork(with that bit of fat), black fungus, shitake mushrooms, fried tofu & coriander...yamz yamz

abacus seeds photo.jpg

Cooked Yam Abacus Seeds (400g/box)

not frozen ones but FRESHLY MADE only after an order comes in...QQ yam seeds with strong yam flavour...you could consume straightaway when you received it because it's already cooked. Stir fry with your desired ingredients...convenient and saves you time!


Raw Yam Abacus Seeds (500g/1kg)

we do not provide frozen pack as we prepare our dishes according to confirmed orders(FRESHLY MADE)...delivered chilled and good in the fridge up to 5 days and if you still want to freeze it(you can) up to 1 month.. for chilled seeds, take out from fridge & rest 30 mins for frozen seeds, completely defrost (1-2 hours) put the seeds into boiling water(stir occasionally to loosen the seeds) till they float(when water starts to boil again), transfer to room temperature water till they gradually sink, drain then stir fry with your desired ingredients!

Mini Fruit Tarts

homemade tart shells and custard cream, buttery base and smooth cream with fruits to give you that satisfying taste and texture...perk up that mood with the bustling colors...keep smiling! 12 tarts per box


Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Uses dark chocolate chips to give it a little bit more chocolaty taste...not too sweet but sweet enough to satisfy your tooth...I mean sweet tooth...handy packs for parties, door gifts..comes in 50g & 150g


Matcha Almond Cookies

Unique square shape with strong crunch & fragrance from the almond flakes. Butter base with mild matcha flavour...good for any occasion. Comes in 150g pack.